Preschool Chronicles

Wednesday Sept. 6th was Jaidin’s first official day of pre-school! She’s been going to a church daycare , where they teach pre-school lessons, since February when I started working. But Wednesday was her first day at MHCA, the school at our church.
She’s been SO excited about being in Mrs. Zinni’s class, adn the first thing she said Wednesday morning was ” YEAH!! It’s Mrs. Zinni’s day!” Too cute…
Let’s hope she’s always this excited to go to school.
She colored her “self-portrait” on the way to school. ( Mrs. Zinni send all the kids a picture of a cartoon kid to color for the first day of school. they’re supposed to make it look like themselves, and then she hangs it in their cubbies.) I did my best to drive the van, and assist my budding Michelangelo with her creation. She was having trouble getting the crayons out of the box without spilling them. She was finishing the mouth when we pulled into the church and she immediately freaked out. “The mouth is messy, Mom! I want a new one!” GREAT..I knew she had my type- A, perfectionist traits!
I walked her into the building, where she immediately became shy and attached herself to my leg.
As a mom, it was so comforting to me to se all familiar faces in the school. There were a bunch of highschool students sitting in the fellowship area and they all said Hi to Jaidin. (Most of them have babysat her in the past) Walking down the hall, we passed parents and kids, all whom we know from church. All the teachers said Hi and asked jaidin if she ws excited to start school. I couldn’t help but feel blessed to know that all of these people…everyone involved in the school, from the principal to the preschool assistant, to the othe kids…have known Jaidin since she was born. And I know they all love my kid and will do their best to teach her not only academics, but help guide her into a relationship with the Lord. I wasn’t just dropping her off at school, I was leaving her with family.
Here are some pics:

Jaidin and Mommy

Jaidin’s Cubby

Putting on the Cinderella Dress

Jaidin and Juliea


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