Life doesn’t stop just because you get sliced open.

I haven’t posted much since I got home, mostly because I’ve just really been busy. Crazy for a gal that just had surgery, but, unfortunately life does not stop just because you get sliced open.

Jon’s mom was diagnosed with lymphoma on Monday, when she had her spleen removed. We kinda knew it was coming…meaning we knew that she had two growths on her spleen and that all the scans showed it was probable lymphoma. But still…”you have cancer” is never anything anyone EXPECTS to hear. She’s still in the hospital because she has a chest tube in, and it keeps draining. They also found cells on her stomach and pancreas, which they removed, but she has some on her diaphragm too, which they can’t remove, so she will be probably starting chemo or radiation in a few weeks. We’re still waiting to hear if it’s Hodgkin’s or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It’s been a very emotional week.

Crying or Very sad

I’m slowly getting my strength back. I still hurt like the dickens, but am trying to lay off the pain meds because they make me so fuzzy headed. I still have two JP drains in, along with about 40 staples ( they cut me from sternum to pubic bone!), and those will come out on Dec. 4th ( or sooner, I hope) My surgery was 6 1/2 hrs (longer than my original colectomy with ileostomy AND jpouch formation Shocked )
My new surgeon did me up right!! He cleaned out TONS of adhesions and scar tissue as well as excised my old scar ( he cut almost a 6 inch width of skin out!). He said the hernia was a BIOTCH to repair, but they we able to use the cadaver tissue to rebuild my abdominal wall and fascia, so he’s pretty confident the hernia will not return. My stoma survived, and is located just a bit lower on my abdomen, so I am pretty happy. I’m having a few problems with it, because the tissue around it has not granulated in well yet, so I may need to use some wound healing agents or have it silver nitrated… the jury is still out. Overall, I am very happy with the results of the repair and cosmetic changes they made.
I was never gonna be a Bikini model, but I can at least tuck my shirt in now without the embarassment of a grapefruit size hernia sticking out Wink My goal is to get bathing suit ready by UOAA Conference time and my trip to Puerto Rico!


One response to “Life doesn’t stop just because you get sliced open.

  1. Having been hit by hodgkins, this was good to see. Thanks for this.

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