Last Weekend’s Winter Fun

I’ve been trying all week to find time to post these…Ah! a little Sunday afternoon down-time!

Last weekend we tried to enjoy the quickly melting snow we had gotten earlier in the week. I had to buy Jaidin snow pants a few weeks ago ( pre-school orders!), and she’d been really bummed she couldn’t try them out. So, as soon as it snowed, she bugged us EVERY day to play in the snow. It was Saturday before we could finally get out there.
We got up, got everyone dressed in their “Arctic Tundra ” wear, and got outside to try and “play” in the 2 inches of remaining snow ( after our Lake Effect blizzard, the temperature had slowly been rising…we’re back in the 50’s now!) Jaidin had a hard time comprehending that it’s rather difficult to fashion a snowman out of two inches of rapidly melting snow. So we threw some snowballs at each other and she made a snow angel.

She kept whining about a we went around the back of the house, where we were able to scrape together enough snow to make this guy.

Jaidin “loved” her snowman SO much, that when we announced it was time to go inside…she threw a tantrum and knocked the snowman completely of the bench and on to the ground. I thought Jon’s head was going to spin around backwards! Oh the joy of 3 year olds!

Anyhow, that evening we went to a ‘drive thru’ Christmas light display with some friends and their kids. There were about 24 different displays throughout the park and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. Here are a few of the displays.

The cops chasing a penquin in a convertible…and our road salt covered driver’s side mirror!

Ice skating on the pond…

And the Nativity…my favorite!


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