Leaving on a Jet Plane

I know I promised more pics from the shoot tonight, but we wrapped early. So…I am out of here…I was able to get a 8:30 flight out of Newark. Word has it that the weather is supposed to turn nasty tonight, and I was concerned about getting out of Philly tomorrow morning. The lovely people at ConvaTec took good care of me, and I am out of here in about an hour!
I’ll post more about the shoot tomorrow, along with some more pics. Now, it’s packing time…cuz I’m leaving on a jet plane………

Looks like I’m not leaving on a jet plane anytime soon! I made it to the airport, only to find that my flight has been delayed for an hour. Seems I’ll be sitting here for 2 hours. So I just payed $7.95 for internet access so I can try and be productive. I’ve returned a few phone calls and have grand plans of getting work email answered, and UOAA emails returned, so I can actually rest tomorrow, since I have the day off. In reality, I will probably not get anything done before my battery dies. ( I had grandiose plans of getting work done while out of town…free evenings always seem prime for working…how come I always end up with “better” things to do? LOL)
If all goes well ( that’s IF!), I will get into Cleveland around 11:30pm. I’m dead tired, and of course, the van has NO gas in it, because I was in a hurry to get to the airport Tuesday afternoon on my way out, so I didn’t stop, thinking that I’d get it on the way home on Friday morning. Well, now I’m coming home tonight, and will have to stop and find an all night gas station in the middle of the ghetto around the airport. That’ll teach me to plan ahead! Pray I don’t get mugged!

Today’s shoot went fantastic. It took a while for things to get rolling this morning. Set up is tedious. You wouldn’t believe the lights, cameras, and other “equipment” that has to be set up even before one shot is taken. Then it has to be changed before you can shoot another scene. If you’re the “talent”, as they kept refering to me ( HA!), the name of the game is sit and wait. Hair = DONE…MAKEUP=DONE…now sit and wait until they’re ready for you.
Oh well…the pay is good, and the company was fun, so it was all good. Once we got rolling though, things went fast. It helped that I had worked with the director before. I’m anxious to see the finished product. I didn’t get to see much of the playback from today, but everyone said the film looked great, so I feel pretty good about it.
Ok…I’m going to work. I’ll update tomorrow with pics from today and a few funny stories.

Wish me luck…I’d REALLY like to be home before midnight!


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