My Famous Stoma: A wrap up

I ‘m home!
My flight from Newark FINALLY left at about 11:00pm last night. I got into Cleveland at about 12:15am, and got gas in the car. ( Thank you long-term parking lot shuttle driver for directing me to a 24 hour gas station right off the highway, where I did not get mugged!) I got home at about 1:30am. Jon was waiting up for me, with hot tea in hand ( thanks!). I got some much needed sleep, and have been working all day on all the stuff I “planned” on doing while away .
I’m glad I got a flight out last night! After watching the weather reports for the northeast, it looks like I would still be sitting in Philly right now if I had waited to fly out this morning. Continental cancelled almost all their flights in and out of that area!
Below are some more pics from yesterday’s shoot. Sorry…no shots of my stoma…a girls gotta leave something to the imagination . The shoot went pretty fast once we got going, and I only had to apply and remove the pouching system twice before we got all the shots we needed. YEAH! Don’t know who to credit…the fabulous director…or my amazing acting abilities. Although… I can hardly call it acting, since technically I was performing a task I’ve done every few days for the last 16 years. I could have done it with my eyes closed!

All in all, I had a fantastic experience doing this shoot. I met some more wonderful people, did a little networking, and hope that in some small way, my participation makes a diference in the life of another ostomate someday.



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