California, A high School Musical, Spaghetti with balls, and a beautiful day

The title of this blog pretty much sums up our weekend!

Friday night Jaidin’s best friend Juliea spent the night with us. I picked the girls up from school and we went to Starbucks (I got coffee, they got strawberry frappucinos), and we headed to the library. I had my iPod playing in the car, and the O.C theme song came on. Jaidin LOVES the OC, even though she’s only seen a few scenes here and there, and will make me play this song OVER and OVER again in the car. She sings it at the top of her lungs. Well…Juliea’s a quick learner, because the second time around, both girls were belting it out. Too cute!
That night,we took the girls to Denny’s for dinner (definitely NOT my choice of restaurant, although I’ll admit that it wasn’t SO bad since Ohio is now smoke free), and I don’t think either one of us realized how loud two 4 year old girls can be.We must have said “use your inside voice” 20 times in our one hour in the restaurant. The good news was I only had to take them to the ‘potty’ twice.
After Denny’s we headed to the grocery store. All I have to say is that as we walked out of the store, Jon and I were both in agreement that we are happy only having one child! We got them home, put them in bed, put a movie on (Mary Poppins), then went downstairs to put the groceries away. 3 hours later ( 11pm), Mary Poppins was still singing and the girls were STILL awake. They passed out around midnight, and Jon and I headed to bed. At 3:30 am, I awoke to the sounds of uncontrollable sobs coming from Jaidin’s room. Juliea was on the top bunka bed (that’s what Jaidin calls them ), and was very much in need of her mommy and daddy I held her for a while, and finally convinced her to go back to sleep, after promising her she could sleep on the floor in Jaidin’s sleeping bag. Whew! Crisis diverted! The girls got up around 9am, and decided they did not want to go to their ballet class. Instead they wanted to make a ‘craft’ for Dylan, the sweet, unsuspecting 2nd grade boy they both have a crush on. Hilarious!

Saturday night, Jon and I went on a date for our anniversary (7 years!). We saw “Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Forum” at a local highschool, and it was really good ( for a high school musical )! Our friend Chris teaches art at the school, and he was the production’s technical director, so we went to support him…and ended up really enjoying ourselves. When we got back from dinner, Jon gave me my final anniversary gift…a really cool DVD that my brother helped him with. They took our wedding video and edited it to DVD, and then Jon recorded himself playing and singing our wedding song as the audio. They did a great job, and it was the most heartfelt and thought out gift I think Jon’s ever gotten me.
Sunday morning was a special church service. Our church is finally paid for! We had a special ceremony where we burnt the mortgage papers. There was a a DVD of pictures playing during the service…pictures from years ago, when they first bought our church property, began building, etc. It was nostalgic. I wasnt around back then ( at least on the church scene), and Jon’s dad was not yet the pastor. Many of the people from the video have passed away, but a few of the men from the pastor’s council back then, and the old pastor were present this Sunday for the service. All of this reminded me of God’s faithfulness to us. These people some 20 years ago had a dream and a vision of building this church ministry, and it was heartwarming to witness them reminiscing about God’s goodness through the years.
After church, Lindsey and I went on our bi-weekly date for manicures and coffee. Jon inquired if this was going to become a regular occurence. I said yes, as it is cheaper than psychotherapy! Lindsey is a great date! She brings me smaller jeans so I don’t have to get dressed and come out of the fitting room…AND she listens to me blab about my crazy life. And then…. she invited us over for dinner so I didn’t have to cook on my anniversary! Who could ask for a better sis-in-law?
Oh…and she makes terrific balls….meatballs, that is!
Today it was back to work, but at least the sun was shining! Spring has sprung in NE Ohio…at least for the week. I even busted out the flip flops! Those of you who know me well know that it is a sad day in the Knipp house when the flip flops are retired for the winter. So, today was a joyous day! When Jon got home from work, we took Jaidin to the park and she had a blast! My mouthy kid told me to quit ‘aggravating’ her by following her around with the camera. I have NO idea where she gets her sassiness from…

Pics are below. Enjoy!


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