Ear "pinching"

It all started with the toy “beauty set” that Jaidin won at the IX Amusement Park. It had clip on earrings in it. When we got home, she wanted to put them on. They were made of cheap plastic, and if I opened the clip far enough to actually get it on her ear, I would have broken them. Of course, she had a melt down when she couldn’t wear them. So I foolishly said, “Well, if you want to wear earrings bad enough, we’ll just have to get your ears pierced.”How do I get myself into these things? <img src=”http://x.myspace.com/images/blog/smileys/nervous.gif&#8221;

I really thought she’d say “No way..that’ll hurt.” Instead she said, “Yeah! Can we do it tomorrow? Before church?”. We agreed that we’d do it…after church…and, for the rest of Saturday night, I talked to her about the fact that it was going to hurt a little bit to have them pierced. “Will it hurt ALOT? What does it feel like?”, she said. “Like a pinch” was my reply.

Sunday morning, we get to church and she tells EVERYBODY we see ” I’m getting my ears pinched today!” LOL…everyone was perplexed, until I explained she meant pierced. Too funny!
After lunch at the inlaw’s, we headed to the mall for the “pinching”. Jaidin marched right up to the kiosk, picked out the MOST expensive piercing studs (they HAD to be pink, of course) and told the lady she was ready to have her ears pinched. She hopped up in the chair, let them mark her ears, and remained calm…until they actually “pinched” her. Then the waterworks started. She pulled it together quite nicely though when we ( ok..I...I’m such a softy) promised a trip to the Disney store. (She picked out the Peter Pan movie…talk about an expensive ear “pinching”!)
She did great once we got home, letting me take pictures, and clean her ears before bedtime. This morning, she kept looking at her ears in the mirror and saying “Pretty!” She marched into pre-school, raced to her classroom and proudly proclaimed, “Look Mrs. Zinni…I got my ears pinched!”


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