Super Woman I am not!

It was 7:51 am this morning, and I was putting the finishing touches on my makeup. My Blackberry started chirping, so I looked and saw an email from Jaidin’s babysitter Amber.

This is what it said:

This is really funny…if you have a family picture, can you let us have one? I have a wall down here where all the kids have their family pictures and I was bugging you for awhile…I know it’s hard with Jaidin going to 2 different schools and all the things you have to remember…anyways…Jaidin wanted her picture up there, so one day I took a picture of just her and she asked me if she could stand by the turtles so they could be her family. LOL. I was laughing so hard. Next time you’re downstairs, you’ll have to see on our Family Wall, I have a picture of Jaidin (really cute) standing on the stool proudly next to the turtles. LOL. If you think of it, send us a “real” family picture! (although the other kids are very jealous that Jaidin gets a picture with the turtles) Very funny girl.


She HAD been asking me to bring in a picture of our family ( um…for like the last 3 months ),but I just kept forgetting. How bad did I feel? My poor daughter having to pose with the turtles because her mommy can’t remember to take in a family picture. A few months ago, I would have really beat myself up for being a “bad mom”. In fact, I cried all the way to work one day about 6 months ago because I forgot it was Show and Tell day ( for like the 3rd week in a row) and Jaidin didn’t pack anything to show to her class. Talk about working mom condemnation!

But I’ve gotten over that. I’ve gotten over myself. I’m not Super Mom, and I’m not Super Woman. And if the worst disappointment my daughter experiences at age 4 is that I forget to take a family picture to the babysitter’s, then in actuality, I guess I’m doing pretty good. But I doubt she was even disappointed…I bet she thought her “turtle family” was pretty cool…and I think she’s pretty ingenious for thinking that one up!

So today, I was able to laugh this one off…with thoughts of a little girl with a crazy imagination, and a mom who is finally learning to give herself a break.

Not to mention…red spandex is a real fashion faux pas….


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