Weekend Update

Friday: Wanted to go to Seeker’s Coffeehouse to see Al play, but couldn’t find a babysitter, so…. We settled for dinner at CiCi’s, followed by shopping at Old Navy. I am extremely proud of myself, as I resisted the flip flop temptation (Cheryl, I know you know what I’m talking about ), but I did get a bunch of new tanks and shirts and some new cargo capri’s. Jon and Jaidin got new outfits too, and I think Jon actually ENJOYED shopping. ( Don’t worry honey…I don’t think you’ll lose your MAN card.)

Saturday: I headed to Border’s to get some UOAA work done. I have been overwhelmed with work and UOAA stuff lately, and I really needed to catch up…or at least get organized. And I knew if I stayed home, I’d be distracted by other stuff ( like dirty bathrooms, unfolded laundry, and a needy 4 year old). So I packed up my briefcase and trusty laptop and headed to the bookstore coffeehouse to get some real work done. And I did. 3 hours worth…undistracted, except for the occasional exchange of conversation with Paul ( P. Miller was there studying for RedHeart Equipping school…see what a dedicated teacher we have?) I surprised myself. Bookstores are a big deal for me…I can spend hours there…not working, but perusing the aisles, reading snippets, looking at magazines. If you know me well, you know I’m a bibliophile. So to be in a bookstore for 3 WHOLE HOURS and not pick up a book was a milestone for me. (*pats self on back*)
Saturday night I had to work…sort of. CCFA held an event at The Boneyard (which is similar to a Dave & Buster’s aka Chuck E. Cheese for adults) It was a fun social event, designed to try and get some younger adults more involved with our organization. We had dinner, a short intro to CCFA, then turned everyone loose to play games. I think everyone had fun…I know I did. I beat Jon at skeeball (just like I said I would!), but I got owned on the airhockey table. Oh well…I can’t be perfect at everything.

Sunday: Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday. We had a special speaker at Sunday morning’s service, so Jon’s dad could have the day “off”. I find that funny, because if you have a minister in your family, you know that they never truly ever have a day off. You can leave the country with no forwarding address and SOMEBODY from the church will track you down. Anyway, I digress…
After church we had lunch with Bill and Jenel, and Jeremy. Lots of laughs! Then off to Target and back to Old Navy for some more shopping.

That night was the pastor’s appreciation dinner, which had a luau theme. Yep, that’s right…everyone at Christian Life Church got leid on Sunday night. (I hope my father in law’s not reading this )
Very cool story behind the Hawaiian theme: About a year ago, a couple in our church (that wants to remain anonymous) approached Jon’s parents and said they felt like God was laying it on their hearts to send them to Hawaii. Mom and Dad were skeptical at first, but as time went on, this couple began making arrangements to send mom and dad to Hawaii. The trip almost fell through a few times, and it really looked bleak when mom was diagnosed with cancer this past winter. We had no idea if she’d be well enough to travel, etc. Long story short…she is now cancer free, and this vacation has turned into a victory trip for them. All expenses paid for 2 weeks in Maui…an absolute dream come true for Jon’s Mom and Dad. And the coolest part is that God orchestrated all of it before mom was even diagnosed. He knew that after all they would go through over the past 9 or so months, they’d need this time away to recoup and celebrate.
So the luau theme was kind of a send off for them, and a celebration of all they (and our church) had overcome this year. God is so good! Can I get an AMEN?


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