Seeking Tranquility

This past Wednesday was a rough day. Emotional overload. Stress over work, whiggin’ out over a UOAA Conference planning meeting, experiencing trepidation regarding an upcoming event, uncertainty pertaining to personal matters, guilt about not being able to help some friends who are in need.
Thursday was a repeat of Wednesday, plus an unexpected, ackward phone call threw me for a loop (ever feel like you’re living in the movie Groundhog Day? )
So Thursday night, Jon and Jaidin headed off to church, and moi took a drive to the beach.
So glad I did…
There’s something so grounding and peaceful about looking out at a vast body of water, hearing and seeing the waves lap at the shore. Watching the fog roll in off the lake, I literally felt all the “yuck” of the past two days being blown off of me as the wind danced through my hair. The surroundings were quiet…just the sound of the water and the gulls.
I sat there for about an hour, just processing feelings and embracing my emotions. I prayed for a little while and just opened myself up to hear from the Spirit. The sun was setting. I have a special relationship with sunsets…God speaks to me through their representation of an end to one day and the promise of new beginnings the next.

As I left, I felt almost tranquil. None of my circumstances had changed…but something in my soul had.


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