Chi-Town, Mom and Me, and Memorial Day

I’ve been wanting to post these pictures for a week now…but time keeps slipping by. So here’s a quick lowdown and I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.I survived my trip to Chicago. We had a good conference planning/board meeting and I feel like I have a much better handle on the “big picture” regarding the conference. I’m very detail oriented and sometimes get caught up in the little stuff and overwhelm myself. But I’m very blessed to working with an awesome group of people who are faithful to follow through on responsibilities. And they’re so kind to keep encouraging me in my new responsibilities. And…I’m very lucky to have a family and friends who are supportive of my traveling all over the map, helping us with Jaidin, etc. And…I’m very blessed to have a husband who sends me flowers while I’m out of town

The Monday after I got home from Chicago, I got to spend the evening with Jaidin at FunTime, an indoor “inflatables” funpark. The women’s ministries at our church meets once month and this month was Mom and Me night out. Jaidin had a great time, and I enjoyed spending the evening with her since I had been gone for 4 days.

Memorial Day weekend was hectic but fun. Our friends Mitch and Heather were in town visiting and we got to spend some time with them.They used to be part of RedHeart with us and Mitch played in Jon’s band, but they moved home to Lancaster, PA about 2 years ago. So good to see them…and find out they’re expecting a baby!
We also got to go to Miss Kelly’s birthday party. Miss Kelly is one of Jaidin’s preeschool teachers, and also the sister of my brother’s fiance. Fun times hanging out with all the RedHeart and church crew.
We had a fun time with family too. Sunday afternoon we spent time at Jon’s parent’s house. They were still in Maui, but Jon’s aunt Vicki was in town to stay with his grandma while mom and dad were gone. I’m so glad I finally got to meet Vicki. Then we headed to my grandparents house. My mom’s stepsister MaryLue was in town, so we went to visit with her. And we had fun teaching Jaidin to play Cornhole…the hokiest midwestern yard game ever!

We spent Memorial Day at Steve and Lindsey’s. Family cookout, t-ball, football, S’mores…what else do you need on a holiday?


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