Weekend Fun

Saturday was a beautiful Ohio summer day ( I know, all you native Ohioans are thinking that’s an oxymoron…but it truly was gorgeous), so we headed to the YMCA Outdoor Family Center for their opening Sunfest weekend. Jaidin had a great time in the sprinkler park, wading pool, and “big people” pool with us. She was really mad about not being able to go on the water slides…she needed to be 48″ tall, and she isn’t there yet. She informed me if she keeps eating her “princess gummies” (she has Disney princess shaped gummy vitamins) she’ll definitely be tall enough by the end of summer.

Saturday night we watched the CAVS win the Eastern Conference. Stephen and Evan came over ( and Lindsey ditched me ). While we watched the Cavs tear up Detroit, Evan and Jaidin tore up her room!

Sunday was CCFA Day at the Cleveland Indians, so I had to “work”…I mean, go to the game. I have SUCH a hard job
We took Juliea with us and the girls had a great time kicking the seats in front of us, eating hotdogs and Cracker Jacks, drinking pop (resulting in multiple bathroom trips ) and dropping their 1977 vintage replica batting helmets down three rows of seats. The only tears all day were because they didn’t get to take a picture with Slider. Good times!


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