A Skinny Wedding Shower weekend

Friday night Rob and Adrienne invited us to the Boneyard to see Skinny ( my new favorite local band….http://www.myspace.com/2skinnydorks). They were great! I think I’ll become a groupie like`Adrienne and follow them all over NE Ohio. She’s already got the shows penciled in on her calendar. Dork!
I had a good time people watching (or “checking people out” as Jon would argue ). Unfortunately our spirits were dampened by the flat tire we had on the way home. Many thanks to Jeremy and the Kirtland cop that helped us out.
Saturday was Kevin and Bethany’s shower. Jaidin and I attended and did our bridesmaid and flower girl duties.
After the shower we headed to Amber’s birthday party. Amber is Jaidin’s day care provider, my new friend, and so much more. The whole time I nannied (before I had Jaidin) I prayed that one day, when I had kids, God would provide wonderful people to care for my kids in the future. Amber is definitely an answer to prayer! Jaidin adores her, and I know she loves Jaidin ( and all the kids she cares for).
Her party was off the hook! Well…it was pretty awesome if you were 4 years old. She had a seperate “kids” table set up, all kind of kids games, and….a pinata! Jaidin was in birthday party bliss! And each kid got a ‘goodie bag’ when they left. Guess what was in it? A Snoopy SnoCone Maker! I don’t know who was more excited..me or Jaidin! I ALWAYS wanted a Snoopy SnoCone Maker, but never got one as a kid. Thanks, Amber!
Saturday night we went to Steve and Lindsey’s for a bonfire. Marshmallow and chocolate messes ensued.
We had Father’s Day dinner at Jon’s parent’s, then Jaidin and I headed over to my dad’s for a while. She was pretty upset that we didn’t go in the pool, so I think I know where we’ll be spending my day off on Wednesday She did, however, enjoy ‘saving’ bugs with the pool net. My dad just kept “helping” her, bless his heart!


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