Good childcare is hard to find

I just had to share this! This email was waiting for me this morning when I got up. It’s from Amber (Jaidin’s amazing babysitter).

I’m still laughing…

Hi Moms!

So, it’s like 11:15 at night and I’m getting ready to go to bed, but I wanted to share my interesting night with you all. This is a great story! 😉 So, everyone knows that we have such a fun pool and it was only $30 and blah blah blah…well, one small problem we’ve encountered is it seems we need to fill it with air every hour. The kids love it, but half the time, it’s deflated and certain pieces don’t work right. I have had my fits on the phone trying to negotiate with the manufacturer about replacing it or some of the parts, and it’s just not worth it. We all love the pool, but it’s just really hard to maintain and we’re all getting fed up with having to wait to blow it up every time we want to swim…I was just talking to the kids today about getting a new pool.

Well, Aaron and I go out to get some mulch for our yard…(we are in the process of re-doing it all…plug your nose!!!) I “accidentally” saw a cute little pool that has a built in slide/staircase/railing that was big enough for the kids, better material…that normal blue plasticy stuff…(nothing inflatable!) so I decided I’d buy it. I tend to be a little impulsive and on the positive side of things, so I haven’t really thought about HOW we’re going to get this home, but I have to have it…”the kids NEED it, honey.” 🙂 Aaron’s mom was meeting us anyway so we could use her SUV to load all the mulch, so Aaron and I figure we’ll tie this big pool on the top or something. The cashier gives us this sad, frail looking “twine” that we attempt to use to tie the pool to the Blazer. Yeah…..okay…you know where this is going…

So, Aaron drives the Blazer while his mom and I follow behind in Aaron’s car. Ummmm, yeah. I don’t know what the point of us following behind is…like, am I going to catch the pool if it falls off or what? Anyway…it’s just what you do right? You follow the car that has something attached to it…so we’re taking the long, slow way home and we are on 615…yeah, the one with 4 lanes. Okay, you with me? So, I notice that my husband is speeding way ahead like usual, as though he doesn’t have a 20 foot blue pool attached with string to the top of his car…and I see the pool start flying a little too loose on top. I speed up and try honking to get his attention, and of course, the pool flies off the top of the car and into the other lane of oncoming traffic…right before a pick up truck is going to come up on it.

Now, don’t you know you have the best child care provider around? (ha ha) I need that pool for my kids! So, I slam on the brakes, flip my hazards on and run down 615, cross into the oncoming lane, grab the pool and drag it back to the car and kind of just hook it up under the front of the car so it stops blowing away. My mother in law is shouting “the pieces, the pieces”…up ahead, I see that 2 sets of pieces to the pool are laying in the road, so I run down, grab those, grab something that looks like it goes to the pool, not sure if it’s mine or not, but just grab it…get in the car…now what? People are zooming all around, looking at this poor girl in the middle of the road with a death grip on my kid’s new blue pool with a cool slide! Umm, so by the way, my car was in the inside lane, so I’m not even pulled over…I just stopped in the middle of the road…yeah, ummm, safe. So, I drag the pool over to the side and wait for my knight in shining armor (um Aaron) to come running down 615 after he had parked the SUV up ahead and he tells me he’ll walk it down.

I go park a few miles up ahead where he did and wait, while, can you picture this? Aaron walks down 615, with a huge blue pool on top of his head, his shoulders, his back…okay, so it’s a walking blue pool…can’t get a visual? Well well well, I just happen to have my camera handy and have a nice picture of my ever-cheerful husband always willing to help out…so I’ll just copy that picture right on to here so you can share in the joy.

We got the pool home…our new idea was Aaron and I took his car and just hung out the windows holding on with our bare, frozen cracked hands to my kids new pool with the cool slide. Yeah, um, everyone and their mother and their brother and sister pointed and laughed and looked and Aaron just kept saying “yep, it’s a pool….a pool..yep, we’re holding a pool on top of the car…” By the time we got to Antoinette, I tried to convince Aaron to just put it on it’s side and roll it down the street. LOL. Yeah…so um, next time you’re over…appreciate the blue pool. Can we have some respect for the pool, please?


PS. It’s not a super fantastic pool…you probably have one like it too…but it’s big enough to swim, it has a little slide, and it’s easy to keep clean..we can keep a tarp on it, which will keep it safer, cleaner and warmer! Enjoy the picture of happy Aaron! Not every day you see this walking down Rt. 615…



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