Originally posted 8/20/07

I FINALLY arrived home last evening at about 10:30. Weather delayed me in Chicago for about 4 hours. I hate the airport. Rotund, obnoxious men next to me snoring. Crabby children CLEARLY in need of diaper changes sitting accross from me. Getting up to use the bathroom, only to find your seat has been taken by one of the thousand other passengers that are also stranded in the Windy (and cold and rainy) City.
I am exhausted. Don’t get me wrong…I have had an absolutely AMAZING two weeks. Both the IOA in Puerto Rico and the UOAA Conference in Chicago changed my life in profound ways…and hopefully in the nexy day or so I will find time to elaborate and share pictures. For now though, I need to unpack, do LOTS of laundry and get some more sleep.
To all my IOA and UOAA friends, I miss you all terribly. There is something magical and comforting about the bond we all share. I can’t explain it, but I know you all feel it too. Much love to you all


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