You’ll date who your daddy says you’ll date…

Today was amusement park day. I, along with Jon, took two VERY ENERGETIC 4 year olds to Geauga Lake.

It was a beautiful day. A pristine blue sky cluttered with fluffy gray autumn clouds, about 60 degrees, and a crisp fall breeze. Definitely my kind of weather!

The girls rode all the kiddie rides, and we all rode the ferris wheel and the carousel. No roller coasters…the girls aren’t tall enough…and of course we grown ups couldn’t leave the girls unattended to ride. We did, however, ride the Escape from Dino Island ride. It’s one of those IMAX rides that displays the screen and then the theater seats move so you feel like you’re in the movie. The girls were terrified (although once we left the ride they swore up and down that it was “the coolest ride EVER”), and all the “movement” screwed with my equilibrium to the point where I thought I was going to lose my lunch. I guess I am getting old šŸ˜¦

On the way home we ate at CiCi’s, and then took the girls to the dollar store to go “shopping”. They each picked out five items (exactly the same… because that’s what BFF’s do… a doll, a notebook, princess makeup, a mermaid toy, cellphone).

We played Barbies and dollhouse when we got home, and now they’re in Jaidin’s room watching Barbie Swan Lake. And I’m ready to crash! Can you say “tired mommy”? There is a reason I only have one kid…

Cute side note:

Jon told me that when we were crossing the bridge from one side of the lake to the other the girls were talking about ‘who they were going to date’ when they got older. LOL Jaidin very matter of factly said “I’m dating Dylan”. ( Dylan is the poor unsuspecting 3rd grade boy she’s had a crush on for about a year). Juliea said “You can’t date him..he’s old”. So Jon interrupted and asked about all the boys in her preschool class. He was naming them off, one by one. When he got to Gavin, Juliea said “Yeah, Gavin..he’s a good choice!”. Jaidin replied “I don’t like boys who are 4, I like older boys”. Then Juliea looks Jaidin right in the eye and says sternly, “Jaidin, you’ll date who your daddy says you’ll date!”

Jon hopes Jaidin and Juliea will be friends as teenagers…… šŸ˜‰


4 responses to “You’ll date who your daddy says you’ll date…

  1. blessyourheartmom

    Too cute, wonder if I can get my son to have that attitude too?

  2. hey !
    had fun
    i m missin that .
    i hope u will get few more visits

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