Golfin’ for a good cause

Today was CCFA’s 20th annual golf outing, which meant I got to hang out at the Chagrin Valley Country Club all day. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. I spent most of the afternoon hanging out at Hole 7 waiting for someone to hit a hole-in-one to win a JEEP (and working on my tan 😉 ).

I also got to meet Tony Rizzo from ESPN Radio 850 WKNR. Now, I am not a sports buff by any means (however, after the Brown’s performance yesterday, I may have to jump on the bandwagon) but it was still cool to meet him. I’ve watched Tony on Fox 8 News for years. And he stuck around and golfed, which up’d his coolness quotient in my book.

I think all and all we raised a little over $100,000 for IBD research and support. And I got to spend the day here

Chagrin Valley Country Club


I guess work ain’t all bad…


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