Class of 2008

Kids grow up so fast- quite the cliche saying, but it never felt so true as last night.
Last night my baby girl ‘graduated’ from pre-school and in the fall, I’ll have to send her off to the big bad world that is kindergarten. OK…it’s not really so big, or so bad…in fact, it’s not even a different school (she attends the private school at our church), but to a mom, something about the word “kindergarten” just sounds so… grown up.
And grown up is just fine with Jaidin – she’s ready! Being a “big girl” is of utmost importance these days. Just the other night we played “spa” and both got pedicures and manicures. (Yes, I doubled as a patron AND nail technician ) While I was doing her nails, she talked to me as if I was really a cosmetoligist in a salon providing her service. I got to hear all about her friends at school and her crush on Gavin, how she broke her arm, her upcoming graduation, and even how she feels about her mom and dad no longer living together. I was highly amused watching her animatedly share her world with me compete with facial expressions like rolled eyes and dramatic hand gestures ( I suppose she is her mother’s daugter ). But part of me was sad too, because I realized just how big she’d become, how aware she was of the world around here, and how independent she was becoming.
Hard to believe it was 6 years ago this month that I stood in the small downstairs bathroom of our College Hills condo, staring at a pregnancy test and thinking ” OMG…how did this happen??”. Well….I knew “how” it happened, but since the doctors had told me from the time I was 16 that I’d never have a baby, I was confused and even scared. But God watched over my “impossible” pregnancy and has taken care of Jaidin every day since then. And I know, when I send her off to the big bad kindergarten world in 3 short months, He’ll take care of her then too.


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