I love field trips

This past Friday, Jon and I were privileged to chaperone Jaidin’s class to Cleveland’s Playhouse Square for a field trip.  Jon is usually off on Fridays, and since I have a fabulous new job that not only allows me to work from home, but is also flexible, I was able to go too! This was my first field trip with Jaidin since she was in kindergarten,  and now that she is at a new school,  I was excited to meet some of the other parents and get to know her classmates.

The Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia did a terrific adaptation of 3 children’s books by Leo Lionni. As a self-professed bibliophile, I am ashamed to tell you I had never read any of the three stories – and I felt much like I do when I see a movie that has been adapted from a book and haven’t yet read said book. All that aside, I had a great time and enjoyed seeing the kids reacting to the show and telling the story along with the puppeteers. Swimmy, Frederick, and Inch by Inch are great stories!






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