In the Old Days

My daughter is 7, and quickly becoming computer and internet savvy. Her favorite sites include PBS Kids, Noggin, Disney- anywhere else she can play games featuring her favorite TV and cartoon characters, and she’s a master of all things SIMS.

The other evening she was frustrated because, having already visited all her favorite sites, she was tired of all their games and wanted something new. She asked me “What other sites can I go to Mom?”. “I don’t know honey.” I replied.

“Well…what sites did you play on when you were a kid?” she asked me.

“Mommy didn’t have a computer when she was a kid, baby.” ( That’s not completely true. We did get a computer, when I was about 12. I think it was a Commodore 64)

“How come??” she asked incredulously. ” Doesn’t everybody have a computer?”

“No, sweetie, not everybody has a computer, even today. Your Papa Fred still doesn’t have one.”

“Oh, so like, computers weren’t around in the old days?”

No, dear daughter, there were no home computers around when your dear old mom was a kid, you know, IN THE OLD DAYS.


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