$1 French Fries

At the beginning of the new semester, Jaidin joined the school bowling league, and since the beginning of January, every Monday she rides the bus to the local bowling alley after school. Mommy has a hard time remembering this, and keeps showing up at school on Monday afternoons and wondering why her baby girl isn’t exiting the building, then remembers and feels like a fool the entire 2 minute drive home….but I digress.

Two weeks ago I showed up at the bowling alley at the appointed time to pick her up and she was sitting in the area behind the lanes eating french fries. Now, I knew she didn’t have any money to buy them (because Mommy had once again forgotten about bowling, so I didn’t send her with snack money), so asked her where she got them.

“J bought them for me!”, she said.

J is Jaidin’s crush – googly eyes when she talks about him crush. You get the picture.

Apparently when J was preparing to go to the snack bar, he asked Jaidin if she was coming and she said she didn’t have any money. So while she took her turn bowling, J went into his back pack and got out another dollar and went and bought them both fries. How sweet is that?

Most second grade boys think girls have cooties – so they’re certainly not prone to spend a $1, which they could have spent on candy, video games or something equally fun, on a slimy girl. But J did.

Now, either my daughter possesses feminine wiles that defy the laws of nature (in which case Jon better purchase a gun – a big one – today!), or J has a really wonderful set of parents who are raising their sons to be polite, generous , and giving.  I’m quite positive it’s number 2, so I sent J’s mom an email and thanked her for raising her boys to be gentlemen. (I dont think people encourage each other enough today. Everyone loves to hear good things about their kids).

Jaidin went on and on on the way home about how nice it was of J to share, and I agreed. I know it was just $1 french fry, but it made my daughter so happy. All I have to say is that when Jaidin gets to dating age, any guy she chooses to go out with is going to have to  have some  really good game in order to compete with the second grader that sacrificed his dollar to buy my girl fries! And I bet J is going to make a really good boyfriend  one day  🙂


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