Week in review

And what a week it’s been!

Monday was pretty uneventful – school, work, dinner, TV, you know the drill. Only exception to this Monday was that I discovered E-Mealz through a friends’s Twitter feed and signed up lickety split! No more “what to make for dinner?” stress?? Hello! No-brainer!

Tuesday is usually ladies Bible study night. We’re currently doing Beth Moore’s The Patriarchs study and I am lovin’ it! That woman can take one verse of scripture and paint a masterpiece with it that brings it to life in the 21st century. But I didn’t get to go Tuesday 😦 Jon and a friend had tickets to see Stryper in concert, and Jaidin had several projects for church and school that needed finished, so instead of sending her to the babysitter, I did the responsible mom thing and stayed home to help her complete them. She and I had fun working on a mobile of the “fruits of the Spirit” and doing a book report on Justin Bieber: In His Words, but I sure did miss my ladies at Panera!

Wednesday was full of conference calls at work in preparation for an upcoming webinar with the Bad Tummy Foundation. Patient education is definitely my passion, so I was in my element. Really, really excited to see how we can impact the IBD community with this and hopefully present practical information that will help patients faced with the possibility of ostomy surgery make informed decisions and not ones based on fear.
I played hooky from church Wed. night so I could catch up on stuff around the house, work on the newsletter for the ladies ministry, and get the house cleaned in anticipation of dinner guests on Thursday, then spent the rest of the night helping Jon put together our new kitchen table and chairs. We were up until past midnight, thanks to our lack of skills with a monkey wrench. But we got it together (ok – HE got it together, I just supervised) and it looks great – and I have so much more room in my kitchen!

Thursday we were looking forward to dinner with new friends from church (well – new to me. Jon went to school with the wife), but they had to cancel. Bummer – I was all set to entertain and get to know some new friends, but alas, we had to eat the Crock-Pot lasagna all by ourselves.

Friday started with a work conference call to discuss the upcoming WOCN Society National Conference in June. It’s going to be in New Orleans, which happens to be one of my favorite cities, thanks to the time I spent there planning and executing the UOAA 2009 national conference, so I’m super happy to have a couple more days to enjoy N’awlin’s this June. I’m also really excited to introduce Ostomy Secrets to WOCN’s from across the country. I need to start priming my vocal cords and find a pair of really cute, yet ultra comfy shoes in preparation for 4 days of talking and standing in the convention center.
Friday night we had family dinner at Red Robin. I was totally craving a big, juicy burger, and since it was about 30 degrees outside and we have no propane for the grill – we HAD to go out to dinner. Too bad. I was really looking forward to cooking. NOT.

Saturday started out as a day with no real plans except grocery shopping and ended up with us attending a gun show at the Great Lakes Expo Center with friends. We’ve been discussing gun ownership for a while now, and considering all that’s going on in the world, I think it’s high time to make a purchase. Had a great time at the show and fell in love with The Bodyguard. Think I’ll ask the Easter Bunny to put one in my basket this year 😉
When we got home from the show, I made my first meal from the Emealz program and it was super easy and tasty too. Jon gobbled it up, and although all their recipes are kid-tested, Jaidin was not thrilled with the finished product. However, I doubt it had anything to do with the recipe. She’s become INCREDIBLY picky with her diet lately, and it has me frustrated. She’s pretty much refusing any type of meat – which I’d be totally fine with, if she ate veggies and fruits and some other source of protien. But she wont. And since I wont allow her to subsist on peanut butter and jelly alone, we’ve had some rough food discussions recently. One of the reasons I signed up for Emealz is that I’m on a quest to get my family eating more healthy and to introduce them to new foods. I guess it’s going to be tougher than I thought.
Mom friends out there – how do you handle situations where your kids refuse certain foods? I’m pretty sure this is more of a battle of the wills situation than an actual dislike of a certain food on her part. Should I punish her, make her a special meal (I’m REALLY opposed to this), what do I do???

Today was a great church service, complete with a bake sale to benefit the kid’s ministry. I made brownies to sell, and made a donation, but was a good girl and didn’t come home with any baked goods. Score one for healthy eating!
After drama ministry practice, we headed up to the Great Lakes Science Center to see Tornado Alley on in the OmniMax theater. I’m a hard core weather geek, so I was pretty excited to see this. I watch Storm Chasers and the film’s maker, Sean Casey, is on the show, so I had been hearing about this movie project for a while. Unfortunately, I was kind of disappointed. The film really didn’t feature any new footage that hadn’t been shown in recent seasons of Storm Chasers. I enjoyed myself and would still recommend the movie (if only for the IMAX experience), but if you’re an avid storm chaser or watcher of Storm Chasers, don’t expect to be blown out of the water by the footage.

So that brings me to tonight, and I’m sitting her blogging while Jon snoozes on the couch with the dog and Jaidin’s watching the Kid’s Choice Awards on DVR (she lost the privilege of staying up last night to watch live when she refused to eat her dinner). I love quiet, all-together evenings like this, and find myself thinking a lot about the little girl that’s going to be joining our family through adoption. I don’t know her name, have no idea what she looks like, but I know I love her and imagine ALL THE TIME what our lives are going to look like when she’s finally with us. I imagine it’ll look similar to the week I just described above, probably with a lot more chaos. But when God brings the chaos, it’s all good. Because the benefits far out-weigh the chaos.

How was your week?


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