Two sides of the Phil Robertson coin

I really wish I had more cohesive thoughts to share with you on this “scandal” (and I use that term loosely – the man’s thoughts on homosexuality are no big shock to me, and I don’t even watch the show.)

You take a devout Christian man, whose TV empire has been built mainly on the fact that he’s a devout Christian (or at least plays one on TV) (I’m going to get flack for saying that, I know!), and you ask him his views on homosexuality, it’s not bewildering that he answers in the negative. His answer was in my opinion crude, and as a Christian myself, NOT vernacular I’d have used, but the man has a right to his opinion, and the right to express it how he sees fit. Our Constitution guarantees him that. It does not, however, protect him from the consequences of expressing said opinion.

If you go on to read the full article, then you know that Phil says some other things that could be considered inflammatory. He eludes to the fact that homosexuality leads to bestiality. Now, I have lots of LGBT friends, and to the best of my knowledge, none of them has ever had sex with an animal. (I do, however, have straight friends that leave me wondering. Anyway…) He also talks about growing up in the Jim Crow era, stating that he never saw a black person mistreated, and he never heard a black person complain about white people. Is he then drawing the conclusion that racism is/was a myth, and that black people were “happy” with segregation?   I don’t know. I hope  not.

Do I think Phil is getting a lot of crap just because he’s a conservative Christian? Yep. Absolutely because I’ve experienced it myself. Seems tolerance is afforded to everyone these days except those that trust in Jesus. And I honestly believe, that when most Christians share their beliefs, on homosexuality, abortion, or other controversial subjects, like me, they’re not judging or condemning. I do my best to afford grace to whomever I meet, whether you agree with me or not. And even Phil goes on to say that he never wants to judge anothers intentions or heart when it comes to God. And I believe him.

But there’s another part of me that knows, despite what the media might say, that Phil is a savvy guy. He may have been born and raised in backwoods Louisiana, but you most certainly do not build a TV empire such as Duck Dynasty without being aware of the current atmosphere in America surrounding homosexuality, the church, racism and the like. So to claim ignorance because you are a product of the 60’s is foolish. BUT – in his defense, A&E was also not ignorant in hiring Phil  and his family, knowing full well his beliefs beforehand. So…

I guess what I’m saying is, while I understand both sides of the coin, I have a hard time committing to either one. So I wont be boycotting, signing any petitions, or joining any Facebook pages, groups or movements. But I will be happy to discuss this “scandal” with anyone who wants to have an open and real dialogue that includes all sides of the coin.


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